Quotes from Henriette Reker

Lord Mayor of the City of Cologne, Henriette Reker
Quotes from her video clip on the 1700 Years of Jewish Life in Germany opening ceremony

Cologne lord mayor Henriette Reker discusses Jewish life in Cologne from her personal point of view. She presents the archaeological site by the courthouse in downtown Cologne. Soon visitors to “Miqua” will be able to admire historical buildings of the Jewish quarter. However, Mayor Reker talks about more than just the past. In the clip, she meets Aaron Knappstein from the Jewish carnival club Kölsche Kippa Köpp. And she gives accounts of other Jewish individuals who have influenced Cologne.

Reker on the role of her parents under the National Socialist regime and her personal position against antisemitism and racism: “My parents were among the enablers of National Socialism because they did not have the courage to stand up – this haunted them as a result for the rest of their lives. That is part of what moves me to advocate a clear position and to remind us all that antisemitism and racism are no foundation for peaceful coexistence. Here with us, everyone is welcome.”

Reker on the Schalömchen (English: Shalom there!) trolley that has been riding the rails in Cologne since October 2020: “The Schalömchen trolley drives through Cologne. We are very pleased to make visible how much we welcome the ways that people of the Jewish faith enrich our municipal society.”