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Podcast on #2021JLID launches on 6 January – Making Jewish life heard

For our #2021JLID – Jewish Life in Germany podcast, we have won over the support of renowned journalists Shelly Kupferberg, Mirna Funk and Miron Tenenberg Starting on 6 January 2021, they will take turns every week discussing the topic of Jewish life in Germany with fascinating guests.

In producing this podcast, our society aims to make the diversity of Jewish life in Germany come alive through the partially highly intimate stories of the podcast’s guests. The podcast will also touch on the 1700-year history of Jewish life in the territories that now comprise the modern state of Germany as well as the rising trend of anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories. There will also be room for artistic expression: Singers, instrumentalists, and poets will all find an opportunity to have their voices heard on the podcast. The podcast will launch on 6 January 2021 on the Year of Celebration homepage at and on all the major streaming platforms.

In the pod’s first episode, our three hosts will introduce themselves and share their feelings about 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany, also discussing other controversial topics.

Hosting the pod is a matter dear to the hearts of all three journalists. Shelly Kupferberg remarks on her motivation to host: While a few centuries ago many Jews in Germany were sitting on packed suitcases, as the saying goes, subsequent generations that have regrown see themselves as a self-evident part of German society. At the same time, old-fashioned anti-Semitic tendencies and hate-filled prejudices are on the rise. I am interested in how Jewish people in Germany are faring today, how they view their life, German society, culture, and politics, and how they view themselves.

Mirna Funk’s main interest lies in the pluralistic nature of Judaism in Germany. On her goal in participating in this project she says: “I want to show that there is no such thing as ‘the Jew’. All of us hold different opinions – and at the same time, we are connected by common experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints.”

Miron Tenenberg stresses the difficulty of showing the vitality of Jewish life in Germany. He explains: “We are diverse, particular, and, finally, contentious. This podcast is an opportunity to keep this inter-Jewish discourse alive. And it affords my guests the chance to have their voices heard.”


Shelly Kupferberg was born in Tel Aviv in 1974 and grew up in West Berlin. She has been moderating culture, literature, and social magazines for 25 years. As a freelance editor, she works for Deutschlandfunk Kultur and moderates daily live programs on rbbKultur. From 1997-2007 she worked for the cultural festival Jüdische Kulturetage Berlin and curated her own series. Shelly volunteers for Terre des Femmes.

Mirna Funk was born in East Berlin in 1981 and lives today in Berlin and Tel Aviv. She is a journalist and author. Mirna was awarded the Uwe Johnson Prize for best debut for her first novel “Winternähe” (2015). Her second novel, “Zwischen Du und Ich”, was published in February 2021.

She has been writing the “Jüdisch heute” (English: Jewish Today) column for the German edition of Vogue since 2018.

Miron Tenenberg was born in West Berlin in 1982. Raised in a Jewish home, he has early experience with the topics of the pod. A trained journalist, he has been reporting for the Deutschlandfunk Kultur radio program “Aus der jüdischen Welt” (English: From the World of Jews) since 2012. He also writes about current strategies in urban development and diversification. Miron lives in a patchwork family with three children in Berlin.

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